My Ex Stopped Paying Spousal Support: Now What?

My Ex Stopped Paying Spousal Support: Now What?

If your former significant other was court-ordered to pay spousal support and has abruptly stopped making payments, it’s time to consult with the experienced family law attorneys at Albers & Associates. In Maryland, spousal support is typically awarded to one spouse within the marriage who still needs financial assistance from the former spouse. This spousal support can be awarded on an interim, temporary, or even permanent basis. No matter if your spousal support payments are temporary or permanent, your former spouse must continue to make payments as long as they’ve been court-ordered to do so. So, what happens when they stop paying spousal support when they’re court-ordered to continue to do so?

When Spousal Support is Unpaid

When you’ve noticed that your spousal support is going unpaid, you’ll have to talk with your lawyer to get back into court to enforce the spousal support payments. The experienced legal team at Albers & Associates can work with you to file a motion within the courts to enforce your former spouse to pay any unpaid spousal support. Your lawyer can also work with you to ensure that your former spouse will be held legally responsible if they do not comply with the court-ordered spousal support payments.

Will My Former Spouse Be Punished?

Think of it this way: when your former spouse ceases to pay court-ordered spousal support payments, they’re acting in contempt of court. How the judge chooses for them to face repercussions is at the judge’s sole discretion, typically based upon the length of time that spousal support has gone unpaid or other various factors that may influence the judge’s final verdict against your former spouse being in contempt of court.

Can My Spouse Request That Spousal Support Payments Be Reduced?

Yes, your former spouse can file a motion to request that spousal support payments be reduced. However, your spouse will still need to pay spousal support payments at the previous rate for any unpaid amounts. Additionally, they will need to provide supporting evidence that indicates they cannot pay the rate they’ve been court-ordered to pay. This evidence can include financial hardship, job loss, and other life-changing events that reduced their income.

Albers & Associates is Your Experienced Family Law Attorney

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