Do You Need a Peace Order? Here’s What You Should Know

Do You Need a Peace Order? Here’s What You Should Know

A peace order can serve as a form of protection against someone you may or may not know who has repeatedly been contacting you or attempting to engage with you despite being told to stop. For petitioners looking to get this particular type of order, you should know that it shouldn’t be confused with a protective order. While a protective order can be granted if you know an individual personally, a peace order is a protective action for Maryland residents or individuals who experienced a particular form of harassment in Maryland.

Why Would I Need a Peace Order?

According to the Maryland Courts, a peace order is a civil order that a judge can issue for a defendant to cease committing certain acts against a petitioner. You may be eligible for this particular type of order if you aren’t the former spouse of the individual who is causing trouble within your life, if you aren’t related to them, you do not have a sexual relationship with them, and/or you do not have a child with the individual in question. If you’re the victim of serious bodily harm, fear imminent harm, attempted rape or sexual offense, revenge porn, stalking, false imprisonment, harassment, trespassing, destruction of property, or other forms of stalking/harassment that may occur – you may be eligible for a peace order.

How Can a Peace Order Help Me?

A peace order can help a petitioner seeking legal protection from a defendant. A peace order is a court-ordered ruling that prohibits the defendant from contacting or engaging in certain acts directed towards the petitioner. When you’ve exhausted all avenues seeking protection from an individual that consistently commits or has committed unforgivable acts against you, this order can serve as a legal boundary that a defendant may not cross without facing legal repercussions. If a peace order is granted, the defendant may be ordered to cease contact with you, face legal restrictions from being near your residence, and more.

Do I Need a Lawyer to File?

While you do not need a lawyer to file, it’s essential to consult with an attorney when you’re filling out the paperwork and providing evidence to bolster your paperwork. In addition, you’ll want to overview your paperwork with an experienced attorney who can ensure that everything is filed accurately and contains all necessary information. Contact Albers & Associates today if you need a consultation regarding filing a peace order or obtaining protection against harassment.

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