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My Ex Stopped Paying Spousal Support: Now What?

If your former significant other was court-ordered to pay spousal support and has abruptly stopped making payments, it’s time to consult with the experienced family law attorneys at Albers & Associates. In Maryland, spousal support is typically awarded to one spouse within the marriage who still needs financial assistance from the former spouse. This spousal […]

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How to Protect Your Family During a Separation

If you’re in the process of separating from your former spouse, you should seek legal representation for the ultimate protection of your family. While separation isn’t regarded as a marital status in the state of Maryland, you’ll want to ensure that your family isn’t solely adhering to verbal agreements. If you’re currently bound by an […]

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Can I Modify My Child Support Order in Maryland?

If you’re a parent with joint custody or with an active custody arrangement, you might be wondering if your child support order can be modified. While paying child support payments out of legal obligation can assist with raising your child when they’re under the care of your former significant other, unexpected circumstances can sometimes impact […]

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Frequently Asked Questions About Child Support in Baltimore

For two parents raising a child separately from one another, child support payments can provide additional financial assistance to the primary parent. While some individuals may feel court-ordered child support is unfair, it is a normal facet of life. If you are paying child support or might owe it in the future, it is vital […]

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Baltimore Divorce Lawyer: Navigating Child Custody for Thanksgiving

If you’re considering divorcing your spouse, you might be wondering how the holidays are shared when it comes to your children. Many parents want to spend Thanksgiving and Christmas with their children and can’t imagine a life where the holidays aren’t shared. Fortunately, there are options available when it comes to dividing your child custody. […]

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Legal Protection from Domestic Violence and Staying Safe During the Holidays

When it comes to legal protection from domestic violence during the holidays, you can rely on Albers & Associates as your trusted family attorney. If you’ve been on the receiving end of domestic violence, you may feel as though you’re constantly looking over your shoulders and worried about how to get the abuser removed from […]

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