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What is the difference between theft, robbery and burglary?

Theft, robbery and burglary are similar crimes, but have varying consequences for those who have been accused. Theft is defined to be the act of taking property without an interaction with another person. Robbery is the taking of property with a person-to-person interaction that may involve physical force or coercion. Burglary is the theft of […]

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Marijuana Possession Crimes in Maryland

Despite the fact that marijuana is becoming legalized for recreational use in states across the country, Maryland is still one of the states where it is not permitted for recreational use. In fact, according to the federal drug schedule, marijuana is still a schedule I drug, which means that it is considered dangerous and has no medical […]

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Traffic Violation Point System in Maryland

Traffic offenses are very common and it seems as though nearly everyone will commit at least a minor violation at some point during their driving career. When an individual in Maryland commits a traffic violation, they may face significant fines, a driver’s license suspension, and points on their license. Points on an individual’s driving record […]

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Maryland Theft Consequences

The state of Maryland takes criminal acts very seriously. When an individual is charged with a theft crime, they will need to retain the services of an effective attorney that can fight these charges. If convicted of a theft crime, the individual will face harsh penalties. Though theft encompasses many different crimes such as larceny, […]

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