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Are Personal Injury Settlements Taxable?

For individuals pursuing a personal injury case, one of the last things on their minds is likely the tax implications. Because of this situation, we want to educate readers ahead of time and provide an answer to whether personal injury settlements are taxable or not. Additionally, the following post examines new considerations stemming from the […]

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Halloween Injuries: What You Need to Know

Halloween can be scarier for reasons beyond the ghoulish costumes and decorations. It is a holiday that often involves a variety of potential personal injuries. This year involves additional considerations related to COVID-19 exposure risks. That said, while this year’s Halloween traditional activities may be altered depending on local restrictions, some people may still do […]

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Public Defender Versus Private Attorney: Who is Best for My Case?

For criminal defense and other cases, deciding what type of attorney to work with can feel quite daunting. Many clients we have helped initially started with the question of, “Should I hire a private attorney or apply for a public defender?” We believe securing your own legal representation is the preferred way to go, but […]

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Fall Driving Safety Tips for Maryland Drivers

Fall means brightly colored landscapes around Maryland, the return of all things pumpkin spice-scented, and football. Unfortunately, it can also mean unique challenges when it comes to driving conditions. In the following post, we provide an overview of easy to implement safe driving tips for fall meant to keep Maryland drivers from dangerous situations. Here […]

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Is It Illegal to Avoid Being Served Legal Papers?

A common question that arises in the context of criminal defense cases, as well as others we handle, is “Is it illegal to avoid being served legal papers?” While avoiding being served by a process server, or the individual tasked with delivering the papers, is not illegal, it does result in consequences. In the following […]

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Tips for Preventing Dog Bite Liability

With National Dog Day happening on August 26th and more dog owners being home because of the pandemic, we wanted to share an article focused on preventing dog bite injuries and liability for damages. As a law office that represents individuals injured by dog attacks directly or indirectly, we wish to help keep Maryland residents, […]

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