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What to Do When You’re Caught Carrying a Gun in Baltimore

Were you caught carrying a gun in Baltimore? You need to hire the criminal defense team at Albers & Associates for your protection. Gun crimes in Maryland are considered grave offenses that can warrant a misdemeanor conviction and, in some cases, up to 20 years in prison if it’s in association with a violent crime […]

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Frequently Asked Questions About Divorce in Maryland

Albers & Associates understands that divorce can be a challenging process full of legal complexities that may overwhelm our clients. That’s why our highly experienced attorneys can work with you to get the best possible resolution for your family. When navigating through the divorce process, you may find yourself with numerous questions pertaining to your […]

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How Long Do You Have to See a Doctor After an Auto Accident in Maryland?

Following an auto accident, especially one that resulted in no obvious injuries, Maryland drivers may delay getting checked out by a medical professional. We cannot emphasize this enough: do not do wait. You potentially jeopardize the processing of your insurance claim and your settlement if you are pursuing a personal injury case. We, however, acknowledge […]

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Sidewalk Accidents: Common Examples and How to Prevent Them

Sidewalk accidents, which is one of the many personal injury case types we handle, can occur during any season. In the post below, we describe different types of common sidewalk accidents according to the seasons, tips for avoiding these issues, and why hiring a sidewalk slip and fall accident attorney might make sense if you […]

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Deck the Halls, Don’t Wreck Them: Christmas Accidents to Avoid

Christmas invokes plenty of positive memories for individuals, including spending time with friends and family, gift-giving, and enjoying holiday treats. Unfortunately, this special time of the year often involves an increase in the number of personal injury accidents. For example, the US Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) estimated for last year […]

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Passengers in Car Accidents and Personal Injury Claims

One of the commonly asked questions related to auto accidents we receive is, “How are passengers’ injuries and claims handled in auto crashes?” Like other forms of personal injury cases we handle, the particulars of an accident determine the outcome with regards to a settlement. In the following post, we examine what a passenger in […]

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