Can I Modify My Child Support Order in Maryland?

Can I Modify My Child Support Order in Maryland?

If you’re a parent with joint custody or with an active custody arrangement, you might be wondering if your child support order can be modified. While paying child support payments out of legal obligation can assist with raising your child when they’re under the care of your former significant other, unexpected circumstances can sometimes impact your finances. If you’re experiencing a change of financial circumstances, you may be eligible for a modified child support agreement. However, it’s essential to consult with your family lawyer before modifying your child support payments since you’ve been court-ordered to pay a designated child support amount.

Reasons to Modify Child Support Order in Maryland

For many individuals, facing undue financial hardship and difficulties related to loss of income or being fired from a job may impact your ability to pay your court-ordered child support agreement. Whatever reason for your financial hardship, you might be eligible to modify your child support agreement, even if it was recently finalized. Any change of circumstances within your life that impacts your ability to pay your legally required amount of child support is a warranted reason to seek out a child support modification through the legal system.

Maryland Law Surrounding Child Support Modifications

In the state of Maryland, child support modifications cannot solely be changed at an individual’s discretion or because they’re unhappy with the amount of child support they’ve been ordered to pay. When you attempt to modify a child support payment, you need to bring forth evidence that indicates you’re experiencing a changed financial situation that would warrant a modification. Typically, this changed financial situation could be a loss of at least 25% of your income, which would make your support order eligible for modification.

Can I Make a Verbal Agreement With My Ex?

While verbal agreements with your ex that you’re co-parenting with may seem like an amicable option, it doesn’t protect you under the law. An oral agreement can leave you at risk for your ex going back and forth between what monetary payment amount they find acceptable, and you may be held in contempt by the court. In addition, an informal, oral agreement between parents can place you at legal risk for facing backordered child support payments and even jail time or wages being garnished. If you’re looking to see if you’re eligible for modifying your child support payments, contact Albers & Associates immediately for a consultation.

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