You Need a Maryland Dog Bite Lawyer When You’re Bit by a Dog

You Need a Maryland Dog Bite Lawyer When You’re Bit by a Dog

Were you or a loved one attacked and bit by a dog in Maryland? If so, you should be aware that the dog’s owner(s) are lawfully obligated to ensure safety measures are met to prevent future dog bites and injuries caused by their pet. In Maryland, owners can be held legally responsible and liable for any bodily harm or death caused by their dog when it’s running at large, especially if it’s unleashed. At Albers & Associates, our experienced legal team can serve as your personal injury attorney if you’ve been attacked and bit by a dog.

Maryland Dog Bite Laws: Know Your Rights

Know your rights when it comes to Maryland dog bite laws. After you’ve been attacked or bitten by a dog, the owner might be dismissive of your claims. However, Maryland law is on your side. According to the Code of Maryland, § 3-1901 – Personal injury or death caused by a dog, an event (dog bite) that leads to personal injury or death is direct evidence that an owner was aware of or should’ve known that their dog had potentially dangerous tendencies. Under Maryland code, the dog’s owner is liable for any injury, death, or loss of person or property when a dog is at large.

Owners Can Be Criminally Charged for Dog Bite Injuries or Death

If a dog that injures or kills an individual in Maryland is deemed to be dangerous, the dog’s owner(s) can be criminally charged. These criminal charges are in addition to a civil lawsuit. A criminal charge differs from a civil case and is solely filed by the state or prosecutor. If convicted of a criminal dog bite injury or death charge in Maryland, the dog’s owner may face imprisonment and heavy fines for the attack. However, criminal charges against a dog owner can be rare and for isolated events that have led to severe injury or death from a dog bite. That’s why it’s crucial for individuals who have been attacked and bitten by a dog to hire the experienced legal team at Albers & Associates. We can file a civil lawsuit against the dog owner on your behalf. This can help claimants receive their rightful compensation and hold them accountable for their negligence.

What Are My Next Steps After Being Bit By a Dog?

After you’ve been attacked and bit by a dog, it’s critical to immediately identify the dog and it’s owner. You’ll want to get their names, addresses, and proof of vaccination to ensure that you will not need a round of rabies shots. You’ll also want to contact 911 in the event of severe dog bite injuries and immediately seek medical care to document your injuries. Be sure to photograph all wounds and injuries related to the attack. This can help provide evidence to bolster your claims in the event you file a civil lawsuit against the dog’s owner. Additionally, you’ll want to file a dog bite report in Maryland. Sometimes, this can be done through 911 if the attack is in progress. Then, contact our legal team at Albers & Associates to overview your case and determine your next steps.

Albers & Associates is Your Experienced Personal Injury Attorney in Baltimore, Maryland

Albers & Associates is your highly experienced personal injury attorney for dog bites in Maryland. We can advocate on your behalf for the best possible resolution for your case. Our highly skilled legal team can expertly navigate your personal injury case and work with you during this difficult time. Contact us today for a consultation. You can also give us a call at our downtown Baltimore, MD office (410) 505-0671 or Dundalk, MD office (410) 505-7831.