Legal Protection from Domestic Violence and Staying Safe During the Holidays

Legal Protection from Domestic Violence and Staying Safe During the Holidays

When it comes to legal protection from domestic violence during the holidays, you can rely on Albers & Associates as your trusted family attorney. If you’ve been on the receiving end of domestic violence, you may feel as though you’re constantly looking over your shoulders and worried about how to get the abuser removed from your shared family home. In the state of Maryland, you have legal rights to be protected from domestic violence in a marital home. As your advocate, we can defend your right to stay safe during the holidays and as you move forward with your life into a new, peaceful chapter without your abuser. Albers & Associates is a proud domestic violence attorney located in Baltimore with years of experience helping victims obtain the necessary protection they need.

What is Defined as Domestic Violence in Maryland?

Under Maryland code, domestic violence is defined in § 4-501 as abuse that causes serious bodily harm, an act that places a person under the belief that they’re in danger of imminent physical harm, assault, rape or sexual offense, attempted rape or sexual offense, false imprisonment, and stalking. If a current or former spouse has committed an act of abuse, a petitioner is legally entitled to seek relief from the abuse. Let our experienced team of family attorneys handle your domestic violence case and work with you to help you obtain the protection you’re entitled to.

How Can I Obtain Legal Protection from Domestic Violence?

A judge can rule on your behalf to have the abuser removed from the marital home, even if the house is jointly owned between yourself and your former spouse. This is typically referred to as an emergency protective order that can be filed through a Petition for Protection from Domestic Violence (CC-DC-DV-001). When filing your petition, you’ll want to attach the Addendum-Description of Respondent (CC-DC-DV-001A) with the same paperwork. If you need additional assistance, our experienced team of family lawyers can guide you through this process.

Where Can I File My Petition for a Protective Order?

A petition for a protective order can be filed in any courthouse local to where you reside during their hours of operation. If you have cases already filed within a particular county courthouse for divorce or custody, you should file the petition for a protective order with the same courthouse. If you are filing during closed courthouse hours, you can file a petition with the District Court’s Commissioner’s Office if you need emergent relief when the courthouse is closed. If you need additional support or legal guidance during this trying time, contact the legal team at Albers & Associates for a free consultation.

Albers & Associates is Your Experienced Domestic Violence Attorney in Baltimore, Maryland

Albers & Associates is your highly experienced domestic violence attorney in Maryland. We can advocate on your behalf for the best possible resolution for your case. Our highly skilled legal team can expertly navigate your case and work with you during this difficult time. Contact us today for a consultation. You can also give us a call at our downtown Baltimore, MD office (410) 505-0671 or Dundalk, MD office (410) 505-7831.