Social Media During a Maryland Personal Injury Case

Social Media During a Maryland Personal Injury Case

When an individual is injured in an accident due to the negligence of another party, they often consider their legal options and ultimately end up bringing a personal injury case against the liable party. When an injured party does make the decision to pursue damages, it is important that they protect their social media from having a negative impact on the case.

Social media seems like it has crept into just about every crevice of everyone’s life, whether they realize the impacts of over-sharing or not. When it comes to a lawsuit, it is especially important to do a few things to make sure one seemingly insignificant post on social media doesn’t have a tremendous negative impact on the case. A few general rules to follow when it comes to social media during an injury case include the following:

  • Make sure all social media profiles are set to private
  • Do not accept any new follow requests from an individual that is not personally known
  • Ask friends and family not to have any photos or mentions of you on their social media until after the case is over
  • Do not post about the case, your injuries, or your social life

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