Traffic Violation Point System in Maryland

Traffic Violation Point System in Maryland

Traffic offenses are very common and it seems as though nearly everyone will commit at least a minor violation at some point during their driving career. When an individual in Maryland commits a traffic violation, they may face significant fines, a driver’s license suspension, and points on their license. Points on an individual’s driving record can lead to significantly increased insurance premiums that one may not be financially prepared for.

In Maryland, when a driver has points assigned to their license, they will be subject to warnings and other consequences depending on the number of points they have. If the following point totals are acquired over a period of two years, the warnings and penalties are as follows:

  • If a driver has acquired 3 or 4 points, they may receive a warning letter
  • If a driver has acquired between 5 and 7 points, they may have to enroll in the Driver Improvement Program
  • If a driver acquires between 8 and 11 points, they may be subject to a license suspension
  • Finally, if a driver has acquired 12 or more points within two years, they may be subject to a license revocation

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