What Happens if I am Charged With the Possession or Sale of Marijuana in Maryland?

What Happens if I am Charged With the Possession or Sale of Marijuana in Maryland?

There are few things more tarnishing to your record than a drug charge. If you have been charged with a marijuana-related offense in the state of Maryland, you must read on and reach out to our experienced Maryland criminal defense attorneys to learn more about how we can help you. Here are some of the questions you may have concerning the potential penalties for marijuana-related charges in Maryland:

What are the penalties for marijuana possession charges in Maryland?

You will face the following penalties for a possession charge in the state of Maryland:

  • Possession of fewer than 10 grams: Civil offense, potential $100 fine
  • Possession of 10 grams-50 lbs: Misdemeanor, with potential $1,000 fine, up to 1 year in jail
  • Possession of 50+ lbs: Felony, potential $100,000 fine, at least 5 years of incarceration

What are the consequences of the sale or intent to distribute marijuana in Maryland?

The amount of marijuana in your possession at the time of your arrest greatly impacts the potential penalties you may face. They are as follows:

  • Less than 50 pounds: $15,000 fine, up to 5 years of incarceration
  • Greater than 50 pounds: $15,000 fine and at least 5 years in jail
  • Greater than 50 pounds as the drug kingpin: $1,000,000 fine and up to 40 years in jail
  • In a school vehicle or on or within 1000 feet of a school: $20,000 fine, and up to 20 years in jail

What happens if I am caught trafficking marijuana in Maryland?

Drug trafficking is an extremely serious offense, no matter the drug involved, so if you have been charged, you must reach out to an experienced attorney as soon as possible. The consequences of marijuana trafficking in Maryland are as follows:

  • More than 5, but less than 45 kg: Felony, up to 10 years of incarceration, potential $10,000 fine
  • More than 45 kg: Felony, up to 25 years of incarceration, potential $50,000 fine
  • Trafficking while in the possession of a firearm: Felony, at least 5 years of incarceration, but no more than 20

If you are facing drug charges in the state of Maryland, you cannot wait another minute. Our firm is here to help.

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