Product Liability Cases

Product Liability Cases

Consumers generally believe that the products they purchase are safe for use, as long as they follow the instructions. This is true in the vast majority of cases but there are some instances in which someone, somewhere along the line was negligent and this negligence caused an individual to become seriously injured. When an individual is injured by a defective product, they should be sure not to dispose of the product because it is important for an expert in the field to assess what went wrong.

When negligence comes into play, the professionals will have to determine whether there was a design defect, a manufacturer’s defect, or if the company failed to warn consumers about the safe use of the product.

Design defects: When the individual coming up with a product’s design overlooks a safety aspect, they may be held liable. Additionally, the plaintiff must prove that there was negligence and that there was a safer, equally practical, and financially sound option available that could have avoided the injury.

Manufacturer’s defects: When a design is perfectly safe but a manufacturer strays from that design, they may be held liable for causing injury.

Failure to warn: If a product is as safe is it is expected to be but consumers aren’t warned about risks of using it, the company can be held liable for any injuries.

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