Premises Liability in Maryland

Premises Liability in Maryland

Maryland, like many other states across the country, requires property owners to make sure they maintain a safe premise. With that said, if a property owner fails to ensure that there are no hazards present on their property, they may be held liable for negligence. When an individual is injured on another person’s property because the property owner was negligent, they may be able to bring a personal injury lawsuit and recover significant damages. Often after a personal injury accident, the victim of negligence is faced with the high cost of medical bills, lost wages due to time out of work, and loss of enjoyment of life. In a lot of situations, premises liability cases are the result of a slip or trip and fall accident in a parking lot, sidewalk, hotel, retail establishment, on municipal property, or even on residential property.

Arguably the most important component of any premises liability case in Maryland is the injured party’s ability to prove that the property owner’s negligence caused the accident. Though fulfilling the burden of proof can be a challenge, it certainly isn’t impossible. Some ways in which an individual can fulfill the burden of proof include accident reconstruction from experts,  pictures and surveillance videos from the scene of the accident, witness testimony, police records, weather reports, and more.

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