Peace Orders vs. Protective Orders

Peace Orders vs. Protective Orders

When an individual feels as though they might be in danger if exposed to another person, they may want to consider legal options that can help protect them find protection. In Maryland, individuals may be able to obtain either a Protective Order or a Peace Order to shield them from the dangers of another party. Though these two orders have the same general sentiment of protecting an individual who may be in danger, there are significant differences between the two.

Protective Orders

In Maryland, an individual may want to consider obtaining a protective order against someone they once had a significant relationship with. This is for matters of domestic violence. Some of the parties that may be eligible to have a protective order placed against them include current or former spouses, those who are relatives by blood, adoption, or marriage, a parent, a child, a step-parent or step-child, someone who the victim once had a sexual relationship with, someone the victim was in an intimate relationship with, among others.

Peace Orders

A Peace Order also prohibits contact with the individual who requests the order. However, this is not for matters of domestic abuse. Peace Orders are issued against any other relationship such as a stranger, acquaintance, teacher, neighbor, or any other party.

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