Parking Lot Accidents in Maryland

Parking Lot Accidents in Maryland

When people think of places that an accident can happen, their minds typically go to places that are obviously unsafe. The majority of people typically do not think of the normal, everyday places they visit. Despite this notion, it is fairly common for individuals to become injured in simple places such as a parking lot. If a property owner fails to keep their parking lots safe, they may put visitors at great risk for serious injuries. If a parking lot is not kept in good condition and looked after regularly, dangerous accidents may occur.

Causes of Accidents

There are several different ways that an individual could become injured while they are in a parking lot. This usually happens as a result of dangerous conditions. These conditions may include but are not limited to:

  • Poor weather conditions (snow, ice, standing water, etc.)
  • Potholes, uneven surfaces, cracked surfaces
  • Loose debris
  • Hazardous materials

When an individual is injured, it is crucial to immediately seek any necessary medical attention. Once all injuries are addressed, the individual may wish to hold someone responsible for their injuries. In the event of this, it is important to acknowledge the incident within a reasonable period of time. This is so that any evidence of the hazardous condition cannot be covered up. In addition to this, the statute of limitations on a personal injury case is only 1 year from the date of the accident.


When people become injured at the fault of another party’s negligence, they often wish to hold that party responsible for the accident. In Maryland, all property owners are accountable for their premises. This requires them to maintain safe conditions so that visitors on their property may not become injured. They must address issues such as loose debris, inadequate lighting, snow or ice, dangerous spills, and other hazardous in a reasonable amount of time. If the property owner fails to do so, they can be held liable for any accidents that may happen in their parking lot.

Proving Negligence

In order for an individual to hold another party responsible for an injury sustained on their property, the injured must prove the property owner was negligent in providing a safe premises. This is known as the “burden of proof.” The burden of proof requires the injured individual, with the assistance of their attorney, to collect evidence against the property owner. This evidence must prove that the property owner knew about, or should have known about, the hazardous conditions that were present at the time of the injury. Evidence for a case may include medical documentation of the injury, security footage of the parking lot during the accident, pictures of the property, and any witnesses to the incident.

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