Maryland Fireworks Safety Precautions

Maryland Fireworks Safety Precautions

With Fourth of July being on a Wednesday this year, many people are choosing to celebrate both the weekend before and after. Of course, this means more fun but also the potential for more danger. Fireworks are a beloved American past time and are most often used on the Fourth of July to celebrate the anniversary of our nation’s independence. As much as many people do love fireworks, it is important that everyone remembers to take safety into account. Unfortunately, thousands of people are injured each year because of fireworks accidents and some that even pass away as a result of their injuries.

While celebrating this week, please be sure to keep in mind the following safety tips to maximize fun and minimize danger.

  • Maryland only allows for handheld sparklers and ignitable snakes to be legally used. However, some counties including Baltimore, have still outlawed even these.
  • Do not use fireworks under the influence of alcohol
  • Keep all children at a safe distance and do not let them use any fireworks or sparklers
  • Make sure pets are kept safely inside during a nearby display
  • Always be sure to have a bucket of water on hand
  • Don’t try to relight a dud firework

If you have been injured due to another perosn’s negligent use of fireworks, contact us today.

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