How to Ensure Your Pool is Safe This Fourth of July

How to Ensure Your Pool is Safe This Fourth of July

If you are a pool owner and are hosting this Fourth of July, it is important you know the safety precautions you should take before your guests arrive. Additionally, if you or someone you know is involved in a pool accident, then there are several things you need to know about how to proceed, as you may be entitled to compensation.

What are some pool safety precautions you should consider?

Owning a pool is a huge responsibility. Not only do you have to maintain it physically, but you also have to make sure all who are using it are doing so in a responsible manner. Here are some things you should consider when thinking about pool safety:

  • Never, under any circumstances, leave a child unattended in–or near–the water
  • If the water is too deep to stand in, you must ensure all parties know how to properly swim
  • Stay away from drains, and ensure all pools have compliant drain covers, as these pose a safety hazard to children
  • Install all proper barriers, covers, alarms and fencing on and around your pool.
  • If your pool has a portable ladder, be sure to stow it away if the pool is not in use. Pools very often attract small children who do not know how to swim, and if you are not watching and the ladder is up, it may result in a tragedy. Thankfully, this can be avoided by simply putting the ladder away after you are done swimming
  • It helps if you know how to perform CPR, as this may end up saving someone’s life in the event of a drowning
  • Swim sober, and do not allow any electronic devices in your pool, as there is a chance of electrocution
  • If your pool does not have a safe diving area, ensure all swimming parties are informed. Nobody should dive head first into a pool without a diving area

How do I know if I am entitled to compensation following a swimming pool accident I was involved in?

If you were involved in a swimming pool accident and believe another party is at fault, then you must first prove their negligence was the cause of your injury. If a pool owner has failed to take one or more of the safety precautions mentioned above, then there is a good chance he or she was negligent.

How do I prove another party’s negligence?

In order to prove the other party’s negligence, you must first satisfy what is known as the “burden of proof.” Therefore, it may drastically help your case if you take pictures or video of the incident and its aftermath. Additionally, after the accident occurs, you should immediately seek medical help. This is not only crucial to your health, but it is also important that you receive the proper medical documentation, as this may contribute to the outcome of your case.

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