How are slip and fall cases handled?

How are slip and fall cases handled?

During the winter months, snow and ice can cover surfaces, making it difficult to walk on these surfaces. Individuals can easily slip and fall, causing an injury. While this may only result in cuts and bruises, other times it can be more serious. Some people may get concussions or break a bone. These situations can lead to serious effects. When this occurs, individuals have the option to seek liability on behalf of another party. They can gather evidence that supports their case. Then they can use this to prove that the owner should have removed the hazard. For these cases, it is important to acknowledge that property owners have a certain period of time to remove the hazard of weather conditions. If an individual travels on the property before this period of time has expired, they are taking the risk. They may not be able to hold the property owner responsible at this time.

After the period of time has expired, the injured individual can seek liability on behalf of the property owner. They can hold them accountable for failing to remove the snow and ice in time. Pedestrians may have to use that walkway to get to another area. For these situations, a property owner may be seen as negligent. This can prove that they should be responsible for paying damages. Damages can help an injured individual recover.

What damages can I receive?

For these cases, injured individuals may receive damages after the accident. The property owner may have to pay the injured damages for their accident and subsequent injuries. Damages can be in the form of economic or non-economic compensation. Economic damages can account for an individual’s financial situation regarding medical bills, lost wages and lost future wages. Non-economic damages can account for the emotional toll that this accident and the injuries had the individual. Their pain and suffering that occurred as a result of the accident should be taken into account. With this compensation, an injured individual can get the help they need financially and emotionally. They can gain services that help them heal.

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