Can I own a gun in Maryland?

Can I own a gun in Maryland?

As the second amendment states, Americans have the right to bear arms. Maryland residents may wish to acquire a legal firearm for reasons such as for safety or for sport. Although the law allows this, it is important to look into all aspects of gun laws. Each state has their own gun laws that may vary. Due to this, residents must understand their state’s specific laws and what the consequences may be if they break the law and are charged with a gun crime. If you are looking to purchase a firearm, seeking the legal counsel of a professional attorney can best equip you with the legal knowledge of gun laws. If you have been charged with a gun crime, we can provide representation to support your case.

What are some of the gun laws in Maryland?

Maryland state law allows for residents to own a variety of guns. There are differences in the laws for the specific gun that is owned though. There is a big difference in the laws regarding long guns and handguns. When long guns are purchased, residents do not have to register them or have a license to own one. However, handguns have different guidelines. Since handguns are considered “regulated firearms” in Maryland, residents need a permit to purchase them. Also, they must register their handgun and have a license to own it.

What consequences can I face for being charged with a gun crime?

When it comes to owning a gun, not everyone is guaranteed the right to possess one. Some exceptions include fugitives, convicted felons, persons convicted of a crime of violence, habitual drunkards, drug addicts, mental institution patients with a stay of 30 days or more and people under the age of 21 years old. When people are placed into one of these categories, they may not be permitted to own and possess a gun, either long gun or handgun.

In addition to people who are restricted to buying a gun, there are specific guns that are banned from being owned or bought in state lines. The state banned the ownership of assault long guns, which mostly includes semi-automatic rifles and large capacity magazines. The penalties for unlawful possession of a gun can be quite serious. These penalties may include thousands of dollars in fines and the possibility of jail time. If people have been banned from owning a gun, especially due to the status of being a felon, they may face even more serious consequences for being charged.

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