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Workplace Accidents

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Workplaces come with varying degrees of danger. While most don’t often think about the perils of an office job, they do with construction, agriculture, and manufacturing, and for good reason. Regardless of your occupation, being seriously injured at your job can be devastating. Your future can be burdened by medical bills, lost wages, the impact to future wages, and a diminished quality of life. Fortunately, most workplaces are covered by workers’ compensation and much of the aftermath of an injury is covered. Workers’ compensation will often support an injured worker as they focus on healing. Unfortunately, in some cases, a serious injury was caused by a third party, leading to the need to take legal action. If you have been injured in the workplace and you believe that you need the services of an experienced personal injury attorney, contact Albers & Associates. Our firm has been a legal resource to Baltimore and the greater Maryland area for years. We understand the uncertainty one feels after being injured. We are ready to assess your case, guide you through your legal matter, and passionately fight for what you deserve. Contact Albers & Associates for a consultation to discuss your legal matter.

Workplace accidents and workers’ compensation

Workers’ compensation is financial support provided to a person injured on the job while he or she recovers. The goal is to help the injured party get back to work, if possible. This financial support is provided regardless of fault, but with the stipulation that the injured party foregoes the right to bring a lawsuit against the employer.

Workers’ compensation was put in place an answer to years of injustice in the workplace. If a worker was injured, the employer would just replace them. In addition, if the worker had a legal case against the employer and wished to sue for negligence, he or she would face a significant uphill battle going against the legal and financial means of the employer. Even if they were allowed to keep his or her job, they would almost immediately be fired for taking action to recover medical bills and more. Now, workers’ compensation helps you get the care you need and employers avoid the need to defend themselves from lawsuits.

Third-party lawsuits

In some circumstances, an injury was caused by a third party. When this happens, you have the right to bring a lawsuit against the liable party, regardless of whether you collect workers’ compensation. It may be in your best interest to explore the circumstances surrounding your injury to see if it could have been avoided. Some reasons to file a third-party lawsuit include faulty equipment and negligent property owners. This is most common on construction sites, including faulty scaffolding, ladders, and safety equipment. Sometimes workers’ compensation is just not enough and a third-party lawsuit can help recover damages, including the full amount of lost wages, medical bills, and the impact on your future. In addition, you could recover compensation for pain and suffering and other noneconomic burdens. If you are successful and have been receiving workers’ compensation benefits, you will most likely need to reimburse the workers’ compensation program for the amount you were provided.

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If you have been injured at your job, it is important to consider your rights and legal options. While most injuries are a simple case for workers’ compensation benefits, others are not. If you are seriously injured by a third party and need the legal support of an effective legal team, contact Albers & Associates. We are ready to assess your case and guide you through your legal options.  If you have a valid personal injury case, we are ready to fight for maximum compensation. Contact our firm for a free consultation.